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A review of the more than 400 companies I have worked with, revealed that 96% of the decision makers were men. Yet, 90% of the companies’ primary target audiences were arguably, women.

So after 25 years of helping male marketers, CEO’s and owners successfully market to women, I decided to start sharing what I had learned and in 2007 created the Sheconomy® blog –  A Guy’s Guide to Marketing to Women.

Listed by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs for Women as well as one of the Top 20 Business Women to Follow on Twitter, the Sheconomy® blog begins with a curation of statistics and facts that support the power and influence of the female consumer, as well as the ever-growing wealth of women. I also post my professional opinions based on years of experience and knowledge.

Yet, I still get daily requests to “pick my brain.” Many can see the potential impact should they shift their marketing focus to women, but they still need a few pointers on getting started or they may just want an opinion if they are moving in the right direction.


So, I’ve added “Pick My Brain” to my consulting services.

FOR A SMALL FEE OF ONLY $199 you get a one-hour session where we can discuss your marketing to women challenges. I will provide my knowledge and experience of more than 30 years to answer your questions and offer my assessment and advice.

Simply fill out the request below. I will follow up, usually within a day, to set a day/time to your convenience for a phone or video conference. A few days prior to this event, you will receive an agenda for the call and an invoice via PayPal to make payment.

Within 3 working days following the conversation, you will receive a written assessment of the information provided.

Time slots fill up fast, so schedule yours today!




2 Responses to “PICK MY BRAIN”

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I came across your website and think that it is projecting an incredibly important message concerning the massive and critical role that women play as consumers.

    I am a Professor of Marketing in the United Kingdom and the research I’ve done – presented in a popular format in a recently launched book ‘Why men prefer straight lines and women prefer polka dots’ – supports all of your conclusions with research findings and I wondered whether you might be interested in featuring this in your newsletter?

    The book takes a popular look at what men and women design, whether it is graphic, product, web design or adverts and also looks at what unsuspecting third parties prefer in the way of design. Many experiments I have carried out show a clear tendency for men and women’s design creations to differ in significant ways, and for men and women to prefer designs created by their own gender.

    As I say, the book underscores what you write about, namely the benefits of men sitting up and taking note of how better to market to women. I can send you an online copy of the book and Press Release if you are able to give me an email address?

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Best wishes,


    G A Moss,
    Professor of Marketing and Management ,
    Buckinghamshire New University, United Kingdom,
    Visiting Professor, ESG, Paris


  2. Hi Gloria,

    Yes, I would love to read the book. Please send it and the press release to sholland@she-conomy.com.

    Thank you for reaching out.


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