Because Digital Has Put the Customer in Charge, Brands Are Now Redefining Ad Agencies

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“Advertisers all over the world are putting their business up for review,” according to Nick Manning, Chief Strategy Officer of Ebiquity, “They recognize that the world has changed, and they’re looking for agency partners who can unlock the new communications landscape in all its manifestations while being responsible, professional business partners.”   THE PATH FORWARD: Marketing’s Outlook Into the Digital Future is a  whitepaper published in July 2015 by the CMO Council and Ebiquity. They researched the effect that the digital shift is having on CMOs and their agency relationships. While the complete findings can be found here, a few of the highlights are noted below: Digital has not just been a

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101 Stats About Digital Moms And Their Shopping Behavior

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How well do you know today’s Digital Mom? According toPunchbowl®, moms adopt new technologies faster than the average American. They keep their smartphones by their side at all times to look up information on-the-go, post photos of their kids and stay connected with friends and family. They quickly transition to their tablet to shop online, browse family dinner recipes, and search for birthday party ideas. They interact with bloggers, brands, and loved ones. They check email, watch videos, and read the news. They manage their family’s calendar and keep their photo memories. Mom is the ultimate Household CEO and many of her actions take place online with

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12 Hurdles Male Marketers Must Clear To Successfully Market To Women With Social Media

As I review the explosive stats on the MBAonline INFOGRAPHIC shown below, I am amazed at the number of male marketers who still question the validity of using social media to connect with women. But they do, and I hear from them daily. After many discussions, I have noticed several common mistakes marketers continue to make when attempting to reach the female audience which keeps them from realizing success with social media. 12 Mistakes Male Marketers Continue to Make When Marketing to Women With Social Media They are still trying to tell women what they want They are not listening to what

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The Top 6 Reasons That Businesses Must Embrace The Design Process To Effectively Market To Women.

I just watched the recently released documentary titled, Design the New Business. A big thanks, by the way, to BI watercooler for this great find! Seven months in the making, Design the New Business,  is a collection of interviews with business and design strategists from around the world. In it, they deliberate the role that DESIGN will, or should play, as companies address today’s ever-changing and complex issues. Want To Market To Women? This Video Is A Must See.  Interestingly, what you won’t find in it, is the specific mention of women. But, what you will find are creative discussions and propositions that

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Is Marketing To Women All Fun and Games?


Social games have become serious business. In 2011, the total market in North America increased from $1 billion to $1.4 billion, an overall growth of 35%. And of the 13 hours each week that gamers spend on social networks, they play social games for an average of 9.5 hours (study conducted by RockYou® and Interpret, LLC) That is more than one full work day. So who is the average social gamer? According to this recent Infographic created by Flowtown it is 43-year old females. A few other facts: 54% of social gamers are women 43% are college graduates 43% make

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Auburn University Is Getting An Education in Social Media

As social networks continue to grow on a daily basis, one thing remains constant: Expectations for transparency and honesty are on the rise. Marketers, please keep in mind: Apologies and/or explanations are more forgiving than cover-ups. Auburn University and Gus Malzahn, Auburn’s Offensive Coordinator are likely going to find this out – the hard way.  Kristi Malzahn, wife of Gus Malzahn, is the subject of a video that went viral a few days ago. Kristi Malzahn spoke at the Summit, a Christian conference, on Oct. 6. and was promoted to speak about “her passion for Christ, through authentic and intentional

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Sheconomy is Speaking at the 2011 MIMA Summit

I am honored to have been asked to be a featured speaker at the 2011 Annual MIMA Summit. The theme is Celebrating the Digital Decade with a focus on consumer insights. Keynote speakers are Avinash Kaushik, the analytics evangelist for Google and Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine. A complete line up of speakers can be found here. I will be presenting on the power of the female consumer in a session titled: Why and How to Effectively Market to Women in Today’s Economic Climate. Are there any topics or questions you feel should be addressed? Also, I would love

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Is Facebook vs. Google+ Similar to Microsoft vs. Apple?

The radical impact Google is making within the social space has reminded me a bit of the early days with Microsoft vs. Apple. Today it’s Facebook vs Google Plus. Much like Microsoft, Facebook captured the bulk of the market early on and rapidly grew on a worldwide basis. And even though Facebook, much like Microsoft has been somewhat discombobulated, they both fulfilled an untapped need. Microsoft redefined productivity in the business world. Facebook revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Both achieved what needed to be done on a functional level. Apple on the other hand offered equal functionality

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How Brands Can Effectively Connect With Female Bloggers

According to a recent study conducted by BlogFrog and The Social Studies Group, female bloggers receive dozens of pitches from brands each year to work on projects ranging from affiliate programs and direct advertising to guest posts and Twitter parties. But about two-thirds  of female bloggers reject at least half of the pitches they receive. Why? Because some brands do a better job at connecting with them than others. The 2011 Brands and Women Bloggers Influencer Partnership Study reveals what the ideal brand partnership looks like from the female blogger perspective. A few of the key findings include: 58% of

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Longer Experience With Social Media Turns Into More Time Spent And The Result Is, Well… RESULTS.


Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2011 from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo. The newly released 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is a must read. Michael Stelzner, of Social Media Examiner, has been providing this resource for three years now. But I feel this year’s report yields the most telling results because we now have history, indexes and baselines with social media and levels of participation. What I found most interesting is that the data reveals what early adopters have been saying all along. Social media marketing is effective and productive, but it takes time to nurture and mature. It

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