Does a Recession Inspire Innovation?


The answer is clear: it has to. Plato set the precedent when he said, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” in his iconic Republic, and the logic still applies today. We are certainly in a time where consumers, their confidence at a shocking low, are necessitating change. These leaner times mean businesses who respond to unhappy consumers’ outcry by creating new solutions or evolving their products and services to meet changing needs will not only emerge from troubled economic times in tact, but stronger. Consider the following quotes: “Surveys tell us that consumers are more pessimistic today than at any

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What the “Gamma” Woman Means to Business

Meredith Corporation recently released a study entitled The Gamma Factor: Women and the New Social Currency. The report identifies “Gamma” women as a highly connected, yet largely untapped growing consumer segment—55 million strong (and growing). The Gamma Factor reveals that though “Gammas” make up over 50% of the female population they have been essentially ignored by marketers and advertisers who seem consumed with reaching Alpha women—modern outspoken trendsetters.  This has resulted in both missed opportunities for brands seeking growth and loyalty in challenging times as well as marketing efforts that fail to connect with highly desirable women from all generations

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Women Buy Houses, Yes They Do!

Karen Phelan at her Reno home, the second she has bought on her own.

Its a fact, single women buy houses. As a matter if face, more single-women buy homes than their male counterparts. According to the National Association of Realtors, single-women purchase 21% of of homes while single-men purchase only 9%. The rise of single-women homeowners is part of a greater social and economic shift that is reshaping American life. An article in USA Today Dream house, sans spouse: More women buy homes, expounds on this fact with some insight into why single-women are buying now. Why now? According to Donald Hantula, professor of organizational psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia, “For the

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Harley-Davidson Spotlights Female Shoppers

Women aren’t a niche, they are the market. In 2005 a BusinessWeek Article, I Am Woman, Hear Me Shop by Pallavi Gogol, covered a few companies that have awakened to the power of women consumers and their purchasing power. As Gogol states in the beginning of his article, “Rising female consumer power is changing the way companies design, make, and market products — and it’s about more than adding pastels” In other words, just adding pink to the box is not nearly enough. Marketers must communicate with the women, ask questions and customize their products. A notably “male” company that

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Single Women are Moving Up and Moving In

Women are no longer waiting for a ring before purchasing a starter home. According to the National Association of Realtors, single women make up one-fifth of home buyers and one-third of all condominium purchases. Single women make up 1/5th of home buyers and 1/3rd of condo purchases A study conducted by Mathew Greenwald & Associates for Sears Roebuck proved that owning a home gives women a huge emotional boost. Close to 57 percent say they take more pride in their homes than in their careers. And 61 percent of these female homeowners say they enjoy repairing and maintaining their home.

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