For Social Media to Successfully Connect With Women, It Demands Well-Orchestrated Strategy


Social media and social networking become Social Media Marketing success stories only if developed, implemented, monitored and managed with clear cut strategies. Women are your market, and social media is the way to reach them. But you must connect effectively. Costs associated with social media and networking tools are very appealing. But it will cost you more in the long run if a strong and well thought-out plan is not in place. Begin with knowing who you are and the female audience you need to reach now. “The high-volume, low-dollar, high-complexity nature of Digital programs makes it the most labor-intensive

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Advertisers Shouldn’t Abandon Women. Build Relationships Through Social Media


You’ve heard it before, and you will most likely hear it again and again throughout these rough economic times. Advertisers who continue their branding efforts during a recession will emerge as winners. But do you know why? Other than the obvious, continued name awareness, I believe one of the major reasons is… women don’t want to be abandoned. Research reveals that women are indeed stressed out about the economy. And as the primary household purchasing agents, what women are looking for from advertisers is an appropriate balance of empathy and optimism. Brands that suspend communication or inadequately connect with women

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Skittles Is Fully Committed to Social Media Marketing


I have read and heard many comments and opinions over the past week about Skittles’ edgy move with its new Web site that launched last Monday, but I have been most drawn to the debates from traditional marketers. Some still assume that Skittles plans to unveil its “real” site later. They think that this is merely a teaser campaign. But the reality is, these marketers simply don’t get it. This is not using Social Media as a precursor to unveil a traditional marketing campaign. This IS the campaign. And while time will tell exactly how effective Skittles’ site will prove

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The Advertising Media World Has Changed – FOREVER. For Marketing To Women, It’s A Good Thing.


The world of media as we have all come to know and understand it as marketers, advertisers and clients has changed – FOREVER. But if you are targeting women and using Social Media, you would be wise to view this as a good thing. As we witness the size of newspapers shrinking, magazines going away completely, and local TV networks tuning out, it would be logical to assume that this is simply a result of the recession and that things will return to normal once we begin to pull out of it. Not only would this assumption be short-sighted, it

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Guys, Women Are Still Buying. Make Sure They Are Buying Your Brand.


Studies reveal that even during tough economic times, 78% of women are willing to pay full price for items they want and need. But as noted a few days ago in Marketing Week, studies also show that women do not feel that advertising connects or appeals to their needs, especially during these recessionary times. This may be the result of being offensive, or it may be that the message simply does not resonate at all. So, what can you do about it? As men you must not only better understand what women want, you have to more accurately communicate and

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Men, You Should Use Twitter to Market to Women


Twitter is proving to be an excellent vehicle for driving traffic to a main hub, whether it be your blog, Website or both, and it continues to explode in popularity as new users jump on daily. Twitter was created as a community builder and as you consider using Twitter for your business, it would be wise to understand that it is at its best as a relationship builder – especially when it comes to communicating with women. The most successful online stories are those that are authentic and transparent; after all women can spot honesty immediately. As an example, I

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Men Please Take Note, As Celebrities Begin to Tweet Women are Sure to Follow


As they say, the early bird gets the worm. So, if any of you male advertisers are serious about the female market finding you on the Internet, Twitter should be among your  goals as you build an online footprint. The Twitter nation, already made up of nearly 6 million users, is growing exponentially on a daily basis. We have talked about it a good bit here, but as celebrities jump on women will be right behind. I began following Shaquil O’Neal a couple of months ago. I’m a huge NBA fan, love Phil Jackson and hence watched Shaq for years.

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Hey Guys….Do You Know Where Your Market Is Today?


We know that women are responsible for 85 percent of all brand purchases. A new study reveals that Internet use far surpasses TV and print. And women outnumber men in social networking. Do the math, guys. Your market is women and they are on the Internet. An IDC study released today, shows that people who have an Internet connection spend almost twice as much time surfing the Web than watching TV, and more than eight times as much reading newspapers or magazines. In a week people spend: 32.7 hours surfing the Web 16.4 hours watching TV 3.9 hours reading newspapers

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Protect Your Brand During Recessionary Times


Now is a great time to begin or expand upon your online footprint. In most cases it is free which is great during poor economic times. It will require a little of your time. You should be mindful of not only positioning your company for the future, but at the very least, protecting your brand. Women are on the Internet and that behavior is growing exponentially. Make sure they can find you. LOTAME has created an excellent  list of the Top 30 Social Media Sites you need to register your brand with whether you plan to implement them now or

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Women Are the Market. Men, You Need to Know Where They Are and How to Connect.


Knowing women are your market is huge, but knowing where they are and how to connect with them – in their world – is what will separate you from your competitors. Research continues to be over-whelming that social marketing plus women will add to the bottom line. And companies that are listening are rapidly developing online campaigns directly targeted to women on the Internet to test this theory. Frito Lay has teamed with to push Baked Lays in this soon to be launched online webisode series. It’s debut is March 1st, but you can check the Only In A

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