WOMEN RULE THE INTERNET. As A Male Marketer, Do You View This As Competition or Opportunity?

I recently read Why Women Rule The Internet on TechCrunch, by Aileen Lee, Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. This is a GREAT article and chock full of statistics supporting the headline, some of which I have highlighted below. Aileen also made suggestions and asked some very poignant questions. More female users will likely help your company grow faster. Take a look at your product, your marketing, your customer base.  Maybe you would benefit from having a larger base of female customers. If so, what would you change to make your product/service more attractive to female customers? Do you do

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Male Marketers: When Women Talk, Other Women Listen.

How important is word of mouth to your brand? If you are selling to women, it’s everything. According to Lauren Zalaznick, President of NBC Universal’s Women & Lifestyle Entertainment Networks, “Women talk about brands incessantly — about 92 times in the course of a week and research shows that 96% of women will recommend a product to a friend if she likes it.” But how does this translate to the bottom line? Studies conducted by The Keller Faye Group, word of mouth specialists, reveal that 62% of women felt what they heard from others was credible and believable, and 51%

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How Women’s Needs, Online Channels and the Buying Process Converge to Perpetually Market Your Brand


Women are continuing to flood to the online social networks. But some of you continue to ask: how does this affect her purchases?  I believe for companies that not only participate in social media marketing, but strategically listen and respond, it means increased revenue even during recessionary times. Let’s take a look at three factors individually and then how they effectively converge to perpetually market your brand. Women’s Wants and Needs Online Social Channels The Buying Process Women’s Wants and Needs Women are responsible for 85% of all brand purchases. So what does this mean during tough economic and recessionary

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Is the Auto Industry a Woman’s Nation?


As you know, I closely followed Maria Shriver’s special report: A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything, on NBC this past week. Among other topics related to females, Shriver discussed how women’s purchasing power affects bottom line. Sounds like She-conomy, right? Jody DeVere, who I met on Twitter and got to know even better at the 2009 Marketing to Women Conference in Chicago, created www.AskPatty.com, a safe environment for women to get automotive advice tailored to their needs. She’s been following California’s first lady too. In fact, Jody was invited to be on the panel of a live blogger podcast for the

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Are Aunts the New Mom?


Although not mentioned in this iVillage article, which is a preview of next weeks’ coverage on NBC’s report about women’s buying power, I still remain hopeful that they plan to address one of the most overused stereotypes about women. Many male marketers assume that all women are moms. However, while all moms are women, not all women are moms. And there is no one more in tune to that than Melanie Notkin, CEO and founder of the very successful online pharmacy, Savvyauntie.com. I met my friend Melanie on Twitter nearly a year ago and since then she’s been featured in

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Is ATT Missing an Opportunity for an Alley-Oop?


I love this AT&T TV commercial! I have no idea what the media buy is, but I know that I have only seen it when I am watching sports. I am assuming that’s because of the focus on Tyler Hansbrough, the former North Carolina basketball hero who was recently drafted into the NBA by the Indiana Pacers. But this spot is strong even if you don’t know

Still Wondering How Your Customer is in Control of Your Marketing? Check Out Google’s New SideWiki.


Last week Google launched SideWiki, which allows people to contribute their thoughts or comments on any webpage. That’s right. ANY webpage on the Internet. Google SideWiki appears as a browser sidebar, where anyone who has subscribed to it for free, can read and write entries along the side of the page. Women communicate, connect and share. They are going to simply LOVE this. I think Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter summed it up pretty well on his blog when he said, “Google is turning the whole web into a social network.” This means anyone will be able to comment on YOUR

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Men, The Female Consumer is in Control. Listen or Perish.


“As a result of the Digital Revolution, traditional media are in a stage of dire retrenchment as prelude to complete collapse. Newspapers, magazines and especially TV as we currently know them are fundamentally doomed,” according to Bob Garfield in his new book, The Chaos Scenario. Garfield authors the “Ad Review” TV-commercial criticism feature in Advertising Age and is the advertising analyst for ABC News. Whether you agree or not to the extent that Garfield feels the Digital Revolution will impact the advertising’s traditional media in his new book, the one thing that caught my attention is his compelling argument for

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Men, Hard Proof That Social Engagement Equals Higher Revenue.


We have talked many times here about how the way to connect with women is by understanding them, engaging them and developing authentic relationships. We also talk a good bit about how social media virtually converges with those pressure points through its multitude of channels categorized by social networking (Facebook), publishing (blogs), microblogging (Twitter), image and video sharing (FlickR, and YouTube), bookmarking (RSS) and collaborative tools (Forums). So it only makes sense that as women flood to the Internet we strategically find ways to meet them there and not only make sure they are aware of our brands, but bond

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Men, Are You Comfortably Numb? You Must LISTEN to Women to Connect with Women


When I think about what women want and respond to versus what we see from most advertisers, I am reminded of the Pink Floyd song, “Comfortably Numb.” A line from the song states, “Your lips move, but I can’t hear what you are saying.” I speak with several male marketers who are very proud to tell me how they conduct research and focus groups to study women. A few even have female review boards. It always seems to be a great start, but deeper discussion typically reveals that it seems to be more of a means to justify the advertising

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