Advertisers Shouldn’t Abandon Women. Build Relationships Through Social Media


You’ve heard it before, and you will most likely hear it again and again throughout these rough economic times. Advertisers who continue their branding efforts during a recession will emerge as winners. But do you know why? Other than the obvious, continued name awareness, I believe one of the major reasons is… women don’t want to be abandoned. Research reveals that women are indeed stressed out about the economy. And as the primary household purchasing agents, what women are looking for from advertisers is an appropriate balance of empathy and optimism. Brands that suspend communication or inadequately connect with women

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The Advertising Media World Has Changed – FOREVER. For Marketing To Women, It’s A Good Thing.


The world of media as we have all come to know and understand it as marketers, advertisers and clients has changed – FOREVER. But if you are targeting women and using Social Media, you would be wise to view this as a good thing. As we witness the size of newspapers shrinking, magazines going away completely, and local TV networks tuning out, it would be logical to assume that this is simply a result of the recession and that things will return to normal once we begin to pull out of it. Not only would this assumption be short-sighted, it

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Men, You Have to Know What Women Want – Especially During a Recession


I was honored when Jo Roberts, reporter for  Marketing Week, asked for my input in her article, “What Women Want”, It first appeared today, in this week’s issue and it is packed full of new research, opinions and advice that speak directly to how women are ditching brands during these tough economic times and marketers are failing to convince them to reconsider. In her article, Roberts states, “Women are giving marketers a headache; one that will turn into a full-blown migraine unless brands learn how to communicate effectively to female shoppers during tough economic times.” A new study conducted by

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Guys, Women Made Up Nearly 45% of the Super Bowl Viewers. And You Missed Them Again.


We have all witnessed over the years how the Super Bowl ads have been talked up as much or more than the game itself. From the adorable little boy who gives Mean Joe Green his Coke, to the secret production of commercials to be revealed during the game, to the unequaled cost of a :30 spot. But the past few years have been less than disappointing with this year offering the worst. I love how Paul Venables put it in his AdWeek article, “If we don’t start anew, the unthinkable will happen. People will tune in on Super Bowl Sunday

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Getting it Right with Women. Even More Important During a Recession.


In a recent article from the Wharton School of Business, marketing professor John Zhang stated, “In challenging times, marketers must work harder to segment consumers with specific messages. If, in the past, you used mass media, you probably want to be more targeted now to make sure the message gets to the right people.” Keeping in mind that 85% of all brand purchases are made by women, this further substantiates that marketing specifically to women, communicating the right messages and using the most effective media to reach them, becomes even more critical during recessionary times. Statistics and findings continue to

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Market to Women with Social Media – Become a Leader


During recessionary times business owners and marketers respond differently. Some become paralyzed, some stay in their comfort zone by sticking with what has proven to work in the past, but a small few view it as a time to explore and are invigorated by the possibilities of imminent change. The latter are the ones you find yourself studying during the next recession as you seek how to not only survive but come out a leader, as the recession ends. So, who are you? If your desire is to fall in the last group, then now is the time to be

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Does a Recession Inspire Innovation?


The answer is clear: it has to. Plato set the precedent when he said, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” in his iconic Republic, and the logic still applies today. We are certainly in a time where consumers, their confidence at a shocking low, are necessitating change. These leaner times mean businesses who respond to unhappy consumers’ outcry by creating new solutions or evolving their products and services to meet changing needs will not only emerge from troubled economic times in tact, but stronger. Consider the following quotes: “Surveys tell us that consumers are more pessimistic today than at any

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