Because Digital Has Put the Customer in Charge, Brands Are Now Redefining Ad Agencies

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“Advertisers all over the world are putting their business up for review,” according to Nick Manning, Chief Strategy Officer of Ebiquity, “They recognize that the world has changed, and they’re looking for agency partners who can unlock the new communications landscape in all its manifestations while being responsible, professional business partners.” THE PATH FORWARD: Marketing’s Outlook Into the Digital Future is a whitepaper published in July 2015 by the CMO Council and Ebiquity. They researched the effect that the digital shift is having on CMOs and their agency relationships. While the complete findings can be found here, a few of

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Nissan Beefs Up Manpower to Reach the Female Consumer


LITERALLY. Male marketers, a word of advice. If you are charged with effectively connecting with the female market, consider putting female marketers in charge – not short dresses. While this might be appealing to men, the majority of women will assume your car cannot stand on it’s own. That you need gimmicks to attain their attention. Quit trying to market to women through male lenses. According to Marketing Magazine, Nissan’s global marketing chief Andy Palmer said: “The rise of the ’empowered female’ is the biggest consumer trend affecting its worldwide marketing plans.” Palmer went on to say that Nissan is reshaping

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Marketers, 80 Percent of Pinterest Users Are Female. Is Your Brand There?

Pinterest, the incredibly popular online bulletin board/scrapbook/inspiration organizer now has more than 11 million unique monthly users. And according to recent numbers from Internet-monitoring firm comScore, it has more than doubled its audience over the past six months. So, who’s using it? You guessed it. WOMEN. Eighty percent of Pinterest users are female and they are spending more time on there than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. The rapid growth can certainly be attributed somewhat to a higher acceptance of social networks now. But keep in mind, there are thousands of new startups in the social arena. What makes Pinterest different?

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The Top 6 Reasons That Businesses Must Embrace The Design Process To Effectively Market To Women.

I just watched the recently released documentary titled, Design the New Business. A big thanks, by the way, to BI watercooler for this great find! Seven months in the making, Design the New Business, is a collection of interviews with business and design strategists from around the world. In it, they deliberate the role that DESIGN will, or should play, as companies address today’s ever-changing and complex issues. Want To Market To Women? This Video Is A Must See. Interestingly, what you won’t find in it, is the specific mention of women. But, what you will find are creative discussions

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Guys, Be Wary Of Blaming Your Declining Sales Solely On The Recession.

Nearly a year ago, I was chatting with the owner of a retail flooring store. He shared that one of the national flooring industry associations had conducted research which revealed “women were their market.” He went on to say that the findings suggested flooring retailers need to better understand and cater to the female audience. I thought to myself, “This guy gets it.” I questioned how he planned to appeal to women. “Simple,” he answered. He would require all of his salesmen (yes, his sales staff is all male) to wear a shirt and tie – preferably a suit. Why,

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Attention Male Marketers: Women Can Be Bought

Recently, I’ve received a rash of coupons in the mail. I’m not talking about the Val-Pak kind (although I do like those). I’m talking about serious discounts from specific retailers. The rundown: Victoria’s Secret. Happy birthday to me! $10 off my in-store purchase. Express. $20 off my purchase. $30 if I spend $75. Saks Fifth Avenue. $25 dollars off my $100 purchase. As a “recession-ista,” I’m not about to turn these discounts down. They mean I get stuff I may not have purchased otherwise. Here’s what I mean: Underwear was not on my mind, but now that I can get

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Brand vs. Discounts – Guys, For Women, It Is NOT All About Price


According to Chris Dickey, in a recent AdAge article, 2010 is the year for retailers to rethink pricing, discounts strategy and start rebuilding their brand value. He states: “Today many retailers find that their most immediate issue is working their way back out of discount-driven brand-price erosion.” This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Learning that consumers were seeking lower prices, many marketers hastily responded with what they “assumed” that meant to women. Companies simply offered discounts, coupons and slashed pricing with little regard to their brand, but more importantly with little understanding of women. As a result, companies

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Men, Women are Different Today. Marketing That Worked in the Past Will Not Work in the Future.


Today’s women are dramatically different. And their shift cannot be categorized by a simple comparison to their predecessors of the 50s, or the 90s or even the people they were at the turn of the millennium. Today’s women have changed from the consumers we recognized as recently as just one year ago. The economic crisis has radically altered how women think and feel. The concurrent phenomenon rapidly evolving within the 2.0 technologies of the Internet over the past few years has allowed women an enormous space to not only voice these opinions and emotions, but to act on and share

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Men, Today Marketing to Women is About Lifestages, Not Ages.


Traditional demographics are dead. There’s no longer a group that is simply female 25-54, so marketers need to focus on a woman’s life stage, not her age. One 40-year old female may have a toddler and another may have a student in college. While they are the same age, their life stages are significantly different. Because of this shift, customer service is the new sales and women’s purchase patterns have evolved to a relational role. To accommodate their audiences, marketers need to develop daily relationships with today’s woman, a person who is dramatically different than she was even a year

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Men, Do You Have Questions About Marketing To Women?


Now is the time to ask. I am in Chicago and for the next 2 days will be listening to speakers or attending workshops with some of the top leaders and researchers in the world of marketing to women. They will be discussing the topics listed below. I plan to tweet during the convention, and if you have any specific questions please feel free to send them to me @sheconomy or follow hashtag #m2w for the most updated info. What Women Want in the Digital Age How Marketers Can Harness the Power of Digital Influencers Leveraging Women as Consumer Advocates

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