Male Marketers: Understand what drives female leadership. “True Passion Has No Gender, Has No Limits.”

EBR Women's Leadership Article

I am extremely humbled to be one of 27 women listed in The European Business Review’s first female leaders supplement, titled Female Leadership in Our Time.  If you are a female seeking inspiration in the business world, this is a must read. If you are a male marketer trying to better understand what drives women, this is a must read. With 15 countries represented (Switzerland, Kenya, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Italy, Germany, Lebanon, Turkey, South Africa, United States, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana and Malaysia) as well as a wide range of industries (Art, Finance, Technology, Fashion, Science, Corporate Education, Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, Economic Development, Performing

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Male Marketers Marketing to Women: Cannes Is Now Rewarding Creativity That Challenges Gender Bias

Cannes award copy

In June of this year, Cannes Lions will introduce a new Lion – the Glass Lion: The Lion for Change – which honors work that challenges gender bias and shatters stereotypical images of men and women which remain rooted in marketing messages. A jury headed by Cindy Gallop, Founder and CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld / MakeLoveNotPorn, will assess work entered into the new category. Gallop stated, “I couldn’t be more thrilled about the introduction of the Glass Lion, which demonstrates Cannes Lions’ commitment to ensuring that both our industry and the work we create not only more accurately reflects the world around us,

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101 Stats About Digital Moms And Their Shopping Behavior

Digital Shopping Carts

How well do you know today’s Digital Mom? According toPunchbowl®, moms adopt new technologies faster than the average American. They keep their smartphones by their side at all times to look up information on-the-go, post photos of their kids and stay connected with friends and family. They quickly transition to their tablet to shop online, browse family dinner recipes, and search for birthday party ideas. They interact with bloggers, brands, and loved ones. They check email, watch videos, and read the news. They manage their family’s calendar and keep their photo memories. Mom is the ultimate Household CEO and many of her actions take place online with

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12 Hurdles Male Marketers Must Clear To Successfully Market To Women With Social Media

As I review the explosive stats on the MBAonline INFOGRAPHIC shown below, I am amazed at the number of male marketers who still question the validity of using social media to connect with women. But they do, and I hear from them daily. After many discussions, I have noticed several common mistakes marketers continue to make when attempting to reach the female audience which keeps them from realizing success with social media. 12 Mistakes Male Marketers Continue to Make When Marketing to Women With Social Media They are still trying to tell women what they want They are not listening to what

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How Brands Can Effectively Connect With Female Bloggers

According to a recent study conducted by BlogFrog and The Social Studies Group, female bloggers receive dozens of pitches from brands each year to work on projects ranging from affiliate programs and direct advertising to guest posts and Twitter parties. But about two-thirds  of female bloggers reject at least half of the pitches they receive. Why? Because some brands do a better job at connecting with them than others. The 2011 Brands and Women Bloggers Influencer Partnership Study reveals what the ideal brand partnership looks like from the female blogger perspective. A few of the key findings include: 58% of

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WOMEN RULE THE INTERNET. As A Male Marketer, Do You View This As Competition or Opportunity?

I recently read Why Women Rule The Internet on TechCrunch, by Aileen Lee, Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. This is a GREAT article and chock full of statistics supporting the headline, some of which I have highlighted below. Aileen also made suggestions and asked some very poignant questions. More female users will likely help your company grow faster. Take a look at your product, your marketing, your customer base.  Maybe you would benefit from having a larger base of female customers. If so, what would you change to make your product/service more attractive to female customers? Do you do

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Is It Necessary To REALLY Know Your Female Audience? The New Rules of SEO Say, YES.

OneUpWeb recently released a new report titled, “The New Rules of SEO.” Ironically, the findings reveal what social media strategists have been screaming the past few years – it is all about delivering user-driven content. Search engine optimization has evolved over time and it is no longer simply about keywords, meta tags and web pages to get to the top of the page. According to the report, variety and diversification across channels can make all the difference in the race to a first page rank. And with the top five results being more likely to get a click before the

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When Marketing to Women, Remember: Moms Are Not JUST Moms

We talk a good bit about how all women are not moms. But it would also be wise for marketers to remember that moms are not just moms. They have other interests, and that is true for mom bloggers as well as mom blog readers. Yes, moms who blog are very influential and according to eMarketer, that trend is expected to steadily increase from 3.9 million today to 4.4 million in 2014. And yes, moms who blog have become important partners for many companies selling their products and services to the nearly 33 million moms who go online in the

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Male Marketers, Both the Use and Purchasing Impact of Social Networking Among Women Nearly Doubled in 2009

Guys, if you are still not convinced that even more women are spending even more time on social networks, and you are even more baffled as to how that translates to your bottom line, then this one’s for you. SheSpeaks’ 2009 Social Media Study revealed dramatic increases in the number of women participating in social networks as compared to 2008. But the most exciting news for marketers is the impressive increase in the influence social media has on what women are purchasing. A few of the findings: 86% of women are now using popular social networks, a 48% increase compared

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How Women’s Needs, Online Channels and the Buying Process Converge to Perpetually Market Your Brand


Women are continuing to flood to the online social networks. But some of you continue to ask: how does this affect her purchases?  I believe for companies that not only participate in social media marketing, but strategically listen and respond, it means increased revenue even during recessionary times. Let’s take a look at three factors individually and then how they effectively converge to perpetually market your brand. Women’s Wants and Needs Online Social Channels The Buying Process Women’s Wants and Needs Women are responsible for 85% of all brand purchases. So what does this mean during tough economic and recessionary

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