Some of the best online articles relating to marketing to women. These articles feature tips, trends, tactics, tools to help guys market to women.

The female car buyer – She’s invisible – but she buys 30 million cars a year

Research says women buy 50% of all cars sold. But women are so uncomfortable buying cars that over 77 percent of them plan to take a man with them when they go to the dealership. 

Marketing to Women the Nike Way

An overview of how the company successfully shifted its focus on male athletes to include more of an emphasis on women and the key factors in effectively penetrating this new market.

Can Marketing to Women Become More Compelling for Men?

How does “marketing to women” become compelling for men (especially those in traditional industries) who just don’t see it as relevant to their success? Sex and money do sell.

Ladies First

Do companies need to single women out in their marketing efforts? 

7 Powerful Insights for Marketing to Women

Today it’s clear that women are making a majority of both home and business purchases. To tap into the power of this $7 trillion market in America, (which, by the way, exceeds the size of the entire Japanese economy) keep these seven insights in mind …

Marketing to Women: More Than a Media Buy

To what degree are you integrating women into your online marketing strategies?

The Six Costliest Mistakes You Can Make in Marketing to Women

A quick checklist to follow as you approach a new campaign or Web site redesign. 

Contractor Strategies of Marketing to Women

According to a Harris Interactive study, women control 75 percent of household finances. According to that same study, women make 80 percent of purchasing decisions. No wonder that contractors have made the decision to channel their company’s marketing efforts toward women.

What Do Women Want? Just Ask

Shane Homes has staked its claim as one of the country’s leading regional homebuilders. They had the revolutionary idea of asking women what they wanted in a home. The revolutionary part is that they not only listened, they actually built it.

Study Shows Blogging Now ‘Mainstream’ Among Women

“Blogosphere” may not be a pretty name for it, but it is a pretty attractive destination — for women at least, and maybe for marketers courting them, too. 

More Women Pursue New Business for Ad Agencies

Women are now filling one of the more critical roles in agency management: the pursuit of new business.


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