What Would Make Women Happier?

real_simpleReal Simple magazine conducted a survey among 2,600 women and men. The findings included what would make each of them happier. Not surprisingly, both their answers and priorities differed pretty dramatically. The question is, do you know why and how do you appeal to these differences without offending. Be careful as you are trying to figure it out that you don’t ask other men you know.

10 things that would make WOMEN happier.

1. A permanently clean home.

2. A luxury trip.

3. A big house.

4. Losing 10 pounds.

5. A great body.

6. Time for themselves.

7. A really romantic relationship.

8. Being smarter.

9. Saying “no” more.

10. A luxury car.

Now for the men…

10 things that would make MEN happier.

1. A big house.

2. A really romantic relationship.

3. A luxury trip.

4. Being smarter.

5. A luxury car.

6. A better sex life.

7. A great body.

8. A permanently clean home.

9. Losing 10 pounds.

10. Having a personal assistant.


Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising, Birmingham, Alabama. Working in an industry that is dominated by men, she is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country. Stephanie works mostly with male advertisers, helping them successfully market to women. Subscribe to She-conomy by Email

9 Responses to “What Would Make Women Happier?”

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  2. Speaking as a married Dad with 2 kids, I’d put 8 and 10 into the top 5. Because the laundry’s not going to clean itself.

  3. Saying NO more is a HUGE deal. I think women try to be super woman and make everybody happy. If we truly knew we were able to say NO more, it would definitely make women happier. I know that for a fact.

  4. I was a little surprised at the list of things that would make women happier. Considering that the poll was conducted among readers of Real Simple magazine, I would have guessed that the list be more fundamental.

    But, to each her own! I decided to give the list a whirl.

    1. A personal organizer to put my house in shape.

    2. An annual girlfriend/mom’s retreat

    3. Strong bones and muscles (besides, muscle weighs more that fat)

    4. A once-monthly massage (I’m talking serious, muscle work)

    5. Guilt-free time at the gym, because feeling great and invincible beats a “great body” any day.

    6. Laser surgery to correct sun damage from my stupid youth.

    7. The ability to dodge menopause.

    8. Knowing that I’m using my intelligence for something good and worthy.

    9. Time with my mom, so that I can relish the role of being a daughter as long as I possibly can.

    10. A car that rides well, has room for everyone, and has fold-down seats.

  5. I like the list posted by marketing veep

  6. I think it’s a great idea to make your own list; gives you somewhere to start for 2010.
    1. Income/resources so I never have to worry again about basics
    2. Romantic and sexy relationship with lots of comfort and respect
    3. The energy to keep the house clean
    4. Knowing my talents are going for good (borrowed from above)
    5. Seeing my kids move forward into adulthood with fewer “hard knocks”
    6. A daily dose of FUN
    7. Feeling healthy–sticking to the habits I know I should with less whining
    8. Renewing my love of music, gardening and other forgotten hobbies
    9. Living without regret
    10. Confidence to go get 1 thru 9

  7. I agree with Marketing Veep’s list, but with a slight twist of my own. I would like a car with room for my purse and somehow an extra hour in every day. Already waking up at 5:30 to work out and going to bed at midnight after finshing day job, taking care of kids, and writing on my blog (http://www.BrandTwist.com) oh and the occassional glass of wine with my friends or husband.

    Clean house…that I outsource.


  8. pretty disappointing that little things like “peace”, “cure for cancer”, “end to world hunger”, “solution to energy crisis” werent in there. I guess the people who read Real Simple are Real simple

  9. I LOVE #1 and I read somewhere that today is National No Housework Day…wow, I celebrate that day everyday 🙂

    My #2 would be a personal chef…that would make losing 10 pounds and a better body easier and off the list and that would leave me with room for 1 more thing in my top 10…

    time with my little kids!!

    Thanks for a great post 🙂

    Dayna Palmer
    Women Business Owners Network

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