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2009_usDuring recessionary times business owners and marketers respond differently. Some become paralyzed, some stay in their comfort zone by sticking with what has proven to work in the past, but a small few view it as a time to explore and are invigorated by the possibilities of imminent change. The latter are the ones you find yourself studying during the next recession as you seek how to not only survive but come out a leader, as the recession ends.

So, who are you? If your desire is to fall in the last group, then now is the time to be innovative. Think different. Don’t fall into what you’ve known – your comfort level. Because a recession is essentially the result of dissatisfaction. People are looking for a change. They want something new. They want to hear new ideas and they want to discover it in advanced ways.

A recession coupled with the exponentially rapid changing technology will leave you way behind if you stay within your comfort level. Making knowing exactly who your target audience is, knowing them better as well as the most effective way to reach them –  more important than ever. Not convinced? Take five minutes to view the video below, and just know that within that same five minutes, 660 new people have started new Facebook accounts.


Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising, Birmingham, Alabama. Working in an industry that is dominated by men, she is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country. Stephanie works mostly with male advertisers, helping them successfully market to women. Subscribe to She-conomy by Email

5 Responses to “Market to Women with Social Media – Become a Leader”

  1. I love the video thank you i have put your link on twitter !!

  2. Thanks for being here and on twitter.

    I am interested in contributing to your platform some how given that women are the chief health officers of their families, workplaces and communities. It’s not enough that we have a million disorders that demand medical treatment by pharmaceutical companies, but that marketers understand what wellness really means to us.

  3. Absolutely fascinating video. Thank you.

  4. Great article! Lead, follow, or get out of the way. What business owners don’t realize is that social media isn’t something new, they are just unfamiliar with more efficient ways of using it to growing their business. Word of mouth marketing has existed since the birth of commerce. The difference is today we have tools to leverage word of mouth marketing or “social media” more efficiently, more effectively, and in many cases using less of the marketing budget than one would expect. Social media is the art of conversation. Twitter, Facebook, and other social syndicates are the new methods of social media. Each business is different and each may need to use different methods than the other. Know your customer, know the right methods for your business, implement your social media strategy, and you will find yourself a industry leader in 2009 as Stephanie described above.

  5. What an interesting interpretation on where the future is headed. Amazing how much impact that 5 minute video has. I will probably do a follow up blog post on this very same topic.

    Working in the internet industry, I recognize the power of Social Media for my online clients – and though they don’t get it yet – they are slowly starting to. I recognize the need to jump on it now and get ahead of the game.

    Thanks for your post!


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