Male Marketers: Are You Talking to Women Differently on Their Smartphones?

Woman and Man [Converted]

With consumers using smartphones 80% of the time to search the Internet, brands must shift their focus as well. Consumers now expect their mobile experience to be everything they are used to finding on their computers.

This makes it even more important to understand that there are distinct differences in how women and men use both social media and their smartphones. The following infographic from reveals some of the interesting patterns emerging.

Just a few of the highlights:

  • Women outnumber men when using social media for staying in touch with others, sharing photos, entertainment and gathering how-to information. And they continue to dominate Facebook in all areas. Men outnumber women when using social media for business reasons and dating.
  • Women appear to be more collaborative by reaching out for support from their networks and seeking information about helping others more than men.
  • Women ignore social media ads and and mobile text advertising more often than men.
  • Women seem to use their smartphones in more ways than men.
  • Women are gaming on their smartphones 10% more often than men.
  • Women dominate men in almost all the top smartphone activities, such as, visit websites, download apps (surprise!), messaging, text, and camera use.
  • Women are more protective over their mobile phones and home property, they are more likely to buy more protective mobile phone cases as well as installing home security cameras wireless outdoor to protect their property from potential theft and be able to monitor their home through their phones.
  • 71% of women on Facebook are willing to ‘like’ a brand for deals. Only 18% of men will do that.
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