Male Marketers: Would a New Start-Up Magazine Appeal to Women? You Might Be Surprised.

SH_B-Metro1I was humbled and very excited to have been asked to be a regular blogger for, Birmingham’s newest magazine/online concept. Who, you may be wondering, would start a new magazine when so many others are either dropping like flies or are one-half their typical size, with little hope of improvement? The answer? Joe O’Donnell, former editor of Birmingham’s city publication for the past 22 years.

Your next question might be, why? Joe and I have had several discussions over the past year about the opportunities for those who market appropriately to women in addition to how everything was rapidly moving online. So, I was impressed to learn that he had decided to take the very progressive step of starting a new magazine with one of its main goals being to drive people to a website. The book’s casual, yet elegant lifestyle format, is appealing to women and even the ever so slightly oversized pages will not go unnoticed by the discerning female. Women still enjoy flipping through a magazine, enjoying beautiful photography and escaping into well-written prose, but they are often left longing for more.

So, what makes B-Metro different?
I believe that the biggest mistake that magazines, and all media for that matter, have made when it comes to the Internet is that they have simply repurposed their exact same content onto a website. But B-Metro “gets it.” They understand that women want to dig a little deeper. They want live interaction or connections and they are looking for fresh and updated content. They want to be able to give their opinions. They are seeking a two-way conversation. They have combined their extensive knowledge as a publisher with the changes in technology to breathe life into stories and information.

Even the print version of B-Metro evokes a conversational feel. But if you would like to see more unbelievably awesome photography of kids authentically captured  by Liesa Cole from her “Mythic Backyard” piece, you can find them online. I know, because I absolutely loved the shots and went hoping for more.

Or, if you want to know more about the impromptu tête-à-tête between Kate Nielsen, CEO of Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and Shariff Simmons, a musician, and spoken word artist, you can visit the website for the raw, uncut video and organic transcript. [As a matter of fact, Joe, I’d like to see even more video.]

But, that too is the beauty of this flexible format. They can listen and adapt to the wishes of the consumer. A huge plus when trying to nurture a relationship with the female audience!

I think they are off to a great start. But I want to know what you think. They want to know what you think. So, check B-Metro out. Their goal is not to look the same one year from now, or even six months from now. This is your online magazine. Tell them what you want. They are actually listening!


Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising, Birmingham, Alabama. Working in an industry that is dominated by men, she is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country. Stephanie works mostly with male advertisers, helping them successfully market to women. Subscribe to She-conomy by Email

4 Responses to “Male Marketers: Would a New Start-Up Magazine Appeal to Women? You Might Be Surprised.”

  1. Sayfanizi Googleda arama yaparken buldum. Gercekten cok iyi bir site yapmissiniz. Bundan sonrada sik sik sayfanizi takip etmeye calisacagim.

  2. This is a excellent post, thanks! It’s the first time I come to your website, just found it via Google. I’ve been browsing around and there’s a lot of quality material. But I tried to add it to my RSS Reader and just can’t. Maybe it’s a only something going on with me… I’ll let you know if it continues!

  3. I’m always in awe of new magazines finding success. I tried to get mine going for a few years (Multilingual Living Magazine) but couldn’t get past offering it as a pdf online (subscription based). I clearly was missing some important marketing skills as those who found the magazine were in love with it but helping people find it clearly wasn’t my strong suit. Sigh.

    I’m trying again but this time via website and probably different items which people can purchase. I’m starting with getting traffic to my site and seeing how that goes. If it feels strong then I’ll take the next step. But I find that I am also feeling very hesitant – worried that I’ll give it my all again and reach burn out. What if I just can’t make it work?

  4. Stephanie, great article! (Long time no speak).

    You are absolutely correct. Magazines repurpose content. With my magazine, we made the conscious decision to do ours differently. Our website is a community and guest bloggers write for it and share content and conversation. The magazine is strictly written by writers. No content on the website is going in the magazine and no content in the magazine will go on the website. I saw this error in judgment with many publications. So I decided early on that it would not happen to us. Our magazine launches next month and I am super excited. I’m hoping you will be a guest writer (hint, hint LOL).

    Adrienne Graham
    Empower Me! Corporation

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