Viewers Rate Dove Self-Esteem Efforts #1 of the 10 Most-Liked TV Spots

And it all began with perfect timing and paying attention.

A report came out yesterday in stating that, according to Neilsen IAG, Dove’s TV ad ranked at the top of the “Most-Liked” list by viewers. The articles states, “Dove continues its conversation regarding beauty and self-esteem in the face of commercial exploitation. In this spot, which was the commercial most liked by viewers during the last month, a young girl is bombarded with visuals of tone, buff, scantily clad women. Dove goes on to describe the self-esteem workshops it has formed to educate young girls about notions of beauty.”

This got me thinking to how it all might have started. I found that before the Real Beauty campaign was launched in 2004, a global research project told Unilever (the makers of Dove) that of the 3200 women they had surveyed, only 64 of them (or 2%) were prepared to call themselves beautiful. In addition, 76% percent of the respondents wanted the idea of beauty to change.

Amazing timing for such a campaign. People were getting antsy, and they wanted a shift from unrealistic beauty defined over the years by media and advertising. So that’s exactly what Dove set out to do with their media and advertising. Today they continue to work hard to combat the perception of beauty and help young girls build self-esteem through workshops across the United States. The top-ranked TV spot closes with the “And you support our efforts every time you buy a bar of Dove.”

Want to give people what they want? Pay attention to culture and strike while the iron’s hot.

To watch the most liked spot:

Dove TV Spot



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