Men, Social Media and Marketing to Women Explode. Are You Ready?


As Social Media and Twitter, specifically, become mainstream, one thing is certain— people are on the Internet, and Social Networking tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or the next big thing are how they connect. Twitter started three years ago, and it has taken @aplsuk (AshtonKutcher) about a year to accumulate 1,000,000 followers. Oprah started tweeting last Friday and had over 130,000 the first day.

But it is not only the volume of people who are now participating at exponential rates that makes Social Media relevant; it is also the diversity in how it is used. We are seeing interactive sites used as:

  • a platform for people to have their say and give their opinions
  • a place to create like-minded communities
  • a vehicle for real-time updates on virtually any event
  • a place to learn details from baking cookies to performing surgery
  • a voice for philanthropies
  • a place to share recipes
  • a place to build relationships

“Women have the tools at their disposal now to build an inherent connectivity with brands and to launch new businesses. We must partner with women and invite their co-brand management for brands to continue to succeed in the future — let’s start by listening.”  Kelley Skoloda, AdWeek

The question is, are you ready? Are you preparing your company to reach women on the Internet? Are you preparing to speak to them effectively? Are you prepared to give more timely reactions to potentially unsolicited PR nightmares such as the Domino’s YouTube scandal? Are you thinking about how to optimize the Internet, for instance, allowing students to tweet questions during surgeries? These are no longer optional questions.

Social Media is not going away. It will most certainly change faces over time. That is to say, people might not be using YouTube and Facebook or they might not be tweeting. Newer tools will likely develop and become more popular, but the two-way conversation has begun and will only continue to grow.

We will not be going back to one-way dialog where you tell your customers what they are supposed to think about your product or service. They are telling you what they think, and you need to be listening and reacting – fast.

Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising, Birmingham, Alabama. Working in an industry that is dominated by men, she is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country. Stephanie works mostly with male advertisers, helping them successfully market to women. Subscribe to She-conomy by Email

4 Responses to “Men, Social Media and Marketing to Women Explode. Are You Ready?”

  1. Listening and engaging our customers, as simple as it seems on the surface, is quite possibly the most important tool in marketing today, whether during the nromal course of business or during a crisis. Thanks, Stephanie, for being a champion of the two-way conversation.

  2. This is the best post all year! Kudos all the way around. It’s time, past time, that the world took women seriously. Working together we can accomplish so much! I’m ready… bring it on!

  3. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be coming back to your site. Keep up the good posts

  4. […] He was an early adopter who recognized that social media is based on honesty, transparency and authenticity. But he also understood its’ power – that it gives individuals a voice. A very loud voice as he beat CNN in a race to see who could reach 1,000,000 followers first. […]

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