For Social Media to Successfully Connect With Women, It Demands Well-Orchestrated Strategy

sheconomy-strategySocial media and social networking become Social Media Marketing success stories only if developed, implemented, monitored and managed with clear cut strategies. Women are your market, and social media is the way to reach them. But you must connect effectively.

Costs associated with social media and networking tools are very appealing. But it will cost you more in the long run if a strong and well thought-out plan is not in place. Begin with knowing who you are and the female audience you need to reach now.

“The high-volume, low-dollar, high-complexity nature of Digital programs makes it the most labor-intensive medium in the advertising industry,” states Joe Burton in the 4A’s recent book, Understanding the Economics of Digital Compared to Traditional Advertising and Media Services.

The value in Social Media is the conversational transparency and engagement it offers. But natural dialogue still requires topics and points of interests. These cannot be forced. The female audience will see right through you and get bored very quickly. The subject matter must be honest yet thought provoking, and the platform must be dimensional with intuitive intentions.

Keep in mind, this is now a two-way conversation. We have gone from monologue to dialog. And if you simply feed the Internet with your hyperbole, women will eat you alive.

Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising, Birmingham, Alabama. Working in an industry that is dominated by men, she is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country. Stephanie works mostly with male advertisers, helping them successfully market to women. Subscribe to She-conomy by Email

2 Responses to “For Social Media to Successfully Connect With Women, It Demands Well-Orchestrated Strategy”

  1. Umm…

    as a man, am I to be insulted that we can be reached with any old off-the-shelf haphazard approach?

    I’m completely down with the idea that people marketing to women need to be smarter, and stop making assumptions based on their own limited experiences.

    But are men really that easy to market to? 😉

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