The Advertising Media World Has Changed – FOREVER. For Marketing To Women, It’s A Good Thing.

dying_media1The world of media as we have all come to know and understand it as marketers, advertisers and clients has changed – FOREVER. But if you are targeting women and using Social Media, you would be wise to view this as a good thing.

As we witness the size of newspapers shrinking, magazines going away completely, and local TV networks tuning out, it would be logical to assume that this is simply a result of the recession and that things will return to normal once we begin to pull out of it. Not only would this assumption be short-sighted, it would be suicidal from a business perspective. Companies that are sitting back and waiting on the economy to improve before they begin to advertise again are going to be SHOCKED when they decide to pick it back up. Instead of buying “reach,” they will be buying “relationships,” and if they are not keeping up…they won’t have a clue as to how to do it.

The media world was changing well before the Recession. Once it became evident that people were gravitating toward the Internet in massive numbers, print and broadcast mediums began working feverishly to both incorporate and offer their products on the web. You’ve seen it happening: you can read your newspaper, listen to a radio station, subscribe to a magazine, or watch your favorite TV news and shows – all online. The eventual intent for most of these mediums has been to make a complete transition to the Internet. So, the Recession has merely sped that process, not caused it. And unfortunately for some, this happened before they were ready.

One of the main reasons that people have flocked to the Internet is the social interaction and engagement it perpetuates. It allows for a two-sided conversation, initiating a trust that ultimately builds relationships. And relationships are exactly what advertisers need to build a successful brand with women.

It is no secret that women value relationships. But because women hold these relationships so closely to their heart, they must be real. The social aspect of the Internet, often referred to as Social Media, allows you opportunity to connect, build confidence and be more convincing. But this takes time. And what better time to gain their trust than during a life-changing recession – a time they need you most?

So, don’t sit back and wait for things to improve so you can go back to marketing as you were before. That will no longer be effective. Capitalize now on this downtime by getting to know your female market and letting her get to know you. When things begin to pick back up, she will be your biggest fan.

Stephanie Holland is President and Executive Creative Director for Holland + Holland Advertising, Birmingham, Alabama. Working in an industry that is dominated by men, she is one of only 3% of the female creative directors in the country. Stephanie works mostly with male advertisers, helping them successfully market to women. Subscribe to She-conomy by Email

6 Responses to “The Advertising Media World Has Changed – FOREVER. For Marketing To Women, It’s A Good Thing.”

  1. Would you say that in comparison, men value ‘relationships with brands’ less than women?

    Speaking from an online community standpoint, I have noticed in my community for women that new members start out a little shyer compared to the male members of my mixed communities. However, once they feel more comfortable they form amazing relationships with other members and share very intricate (and often personal) details about their lives. I see this kind of online relationship form far less frequently between men.

    – Martin

  2. I fully embrace the web and the research on dramatic media shifts. I do not believe however traditional media is dead for women. Women consume magazines by the millions. i would caution anyone working with clients in marketing to women to tread lightly on totally diminishing the benefits of multiple touchpoints with women. Social media is fantastic but its limiting so far and cannot acheive every objective. Banner ads have proven to be less than effective and have many of the same concerns as any intrusive media.
    Media is becoming increasingly difficult and the web is critical. But its not the silver bullet as a stand alone.

  3. Great point Patricia, and I do try to point that out as well, such as in this post. Women are Different Today. Marketing That Worked in the Past Will Not Work in the Future. I agree 100% that effective social media requires an ability to integrate with traditional media, but I also believe that so many are fearful of the social space. And that is going to be detrimental to some companies.

    You hit on a key point. Banner ads and traditional media are intrusive and that too is a reason that social media must be understood and mastered for companies to completely connect with customers…especially in the not so distant future. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Obviously if you are in the marketing industry you should always make sure your clients have what you call “touch points” across the board. I don’t think that the author is saying that Social Media marketing is the only way to go.. It is clearly not..

    However, Social Media marketing actually has a higher return on investment than any other advertising campaign I have seen for companies with medium to small budgets. The reason being that people in general are ad blind. Ads in magazines, on television, and on websites are all just background noise and one out of a thousand actually get through to the user and turn around a sale.

    Social media is so different that it can not be valued that way. Social media is the old school way of “word of mouth” marketing. It’s nothing new, its just on a different platform. You now need to create real customer relationships the way the barber shop did 20+ years ago.

    This is the natural direction of things.. Its a direct back lash to the digital age of computer generated EVERYTHING.. and I think its a great movement..

  5. Stephanie, love this site you share so much valuable knowledge! I will be here everyday! If you read this you will see why!

    Many blessings,

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